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Today's Dream...Tomorrow's Reality


Probably the most pressing question on your mind is “How much will it cost for my project?”

Many factors go into the price of building your home or completing your addition/remodel so there really is no “short answer.”  From foundation choice to finishing textures the process can be very confusing and frustrating.  The good news is - we are here to help!


Our tried and true procedures will guide you through the process from inception to completion, keeping you informed every step of the way.  But…how do we do that?

Getting To Know You


First, we get to know you!  Our goal is to give you exactly what you want for your project, whether it be a new home OR addition/remodel.


To start, we will ask you to answer questions regarding your personal needs and wants. For a quick link you can click the house below.




Our design team will review your answers and prepare to meet with you in person.


Then you will sit down with the design team.  Our architectural engineer and designer will be present to go over specifics of design with you.  In addition, they will address any desires you may have regarding your project.  With this information and the questionnaires you filled out we will be able to give you loose ballpark estimate of what your dream home will cost.


But it doesn’t stop there. 

At ClayCo, guesswork is NOT how we work.  Our intent is to give you a fixed cost estimate for your dream home.  That's right.  No more worrying if you will go over budget! 


In order to do this there is work to do.  If you are onboard with our ballpark figure range it is time to get to work.


Our architectural engineer and/or designer will construct plans to your specifications with all required details to provide a fixed cost quote for the construction of your project and provide detailed 2D plans for the construction team to work from.  


Our designer will then take the process one step further and choose fixtures, paint colors, and associated items that are appropriate for the answers on your questionnaire and responses at the design meeting.  At this point she will build a 3D virtual model of your project with photo-realistic renderings so you can get a visual of how it will appear once it is complete.  Up to two changes to the 2D and 3D plans will be provided.


Now it's time to ask yourself a question - do I want a company that tells me what I WANT to hear or do I want a realistic cost picture of building a quality home?  If your answer was "realistic" we are the team for you!  Our team will do extensive preliminary development in order to provide the following information for use in building your dream home:

Achitectural Drawings

*2D Architectural Drawings of your project that have been adjusted to your specifications

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 9.11.11 AM.png
3D Photos and Videos

*3D sketches and *NEW* photo-realistic renderings  that reflect your specific desires.

Bolinger Kit 1.bmp
Fixed Cost Estimates

*Fixed cost estimates for all aspects of building your home

Discussing the Numbers

Many hours of work and research are required for the specific planning we provide - and yes, it does cost.  Depending on the size and scope of the project it will generally run between $5-$15/SF for working sets of architectural drawings as well as 3D sketches and photo-realistic renderings.  What is the benefit of paying for this up-front? You will save thousands of dollars on unforeseen costs, change order fees, and typical mistakes that happen along the way with traditional builders. Not only that, the completed architectural drawings, 3D sketches, and photo renderings belong to you.


We are confident that we will be able to provide the services you need to build your dream home.

All work is tracked through our state of the art cloud based program “Buildertrend.”  This program allows you to “see” what is happening with regard to your project on a day to day basis, send messages to the design team, ask questions, view progress photos…you will never be in the dark about your project no matter where you are! 


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